Oktoberfest Costumes for Women

May 4, 2015

Oktoberfest costumes for

Some of us dream of faraway places and hope that somehow, someway, we'll win the lottery and make the dream a reality. It's good to dream but most of us don't win the lottery. But you can dress the part! Our International costumes themes will transport you there. If you love chicken tikka — dress the part to match the colorful food. See our adorable Bollywood child costume. The colors alone feel like a trip to India. Dreaming of being brave enough to tame a wild beast like a bull? The Matador Designer Collection adult costume is for you. You're little girl can join the fun dressed in her Spanish Princess child costume. Maybe South of the border is calling your name? Try our Tequila Pop N' Dude adult plus costume (alcohol sold separately) and you really will be the life of the party. Maybe heading north is more your style? No problem, we can handle that, too! Our Eskimo Girl child costume is sure to put your little Eskimo in the mood for snow. Of course we have to think about Oktoberfest in Germany, don't we? Well then, you'll definitely need the Oktoberfest Inga plus size dress or the German Girl Dress adult costume. You will feel like a globetrotter in any international costume you choose! Get your passport ready — you're taking a trip!

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Easy DIY: German Beer Girl Outfit for (Oktoberfest
Easy DIY: German Beer Girl Outfit for (Oktoberfest ...
How do people dress like at the Oktoberfest - costumes
How do people dress like at the Oktoberfest - costumes ...
Oktoberfest Costumes
Oktoberfest Costumes
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