Where is Oktoberfest located in Munich?

February 18, 2019

During Oktoberfest, most

For 200 years the Octoberfest is located on the same area: The Theresienwiese. What and where is this location?

The Octoberfest is located very central on the so called Thereisienwiese, a flat area of about 42 hectare in the Munich quarter Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt. Eye-catching points on Theresienwiese are the Bavaria statue and the neo-gothic St. Pauls Church.

For your GPS we recommend you to use as address "Bavariaring, München", which goes around the Thereisienwiese above the Bavaria statue.

The area Theresienwiese has its name from Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen who married 1810 Prince Ludwig of Bavaria. Their marriage celebration was the first Octoberfest.

"Wiese" is the german word for grassland. So "Theresienwiese" means "grassland of Therese". "Wiesn", today a synonym for Octoberfest, is the bavarian word for "Wiese". At Google maps the Thereisenwiese is called Theresienwiesen, which is a wrong translation of the bavarian "Wiesn".

When there is no Octoberfest, the Theresienwiese is also used for festivals like the Frühlingsfest in spring or the Tollwood in winter.

Source: www.oktoberfest.de
Oktoberfest in Munich
Oktoberfest in Munich
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