Address of Oktoberfest Munich

November 2, 2020

Brewery horses

Direct parking opportunities at the fair are very rare. It is advisable to leave your car at the hotel, or in the case of a day trip, at one of the numerous Park & Ride car parks.
The highways around Munich are very busy. It is advisable to only use them in the late evening or during the night. The busiest highway is the A9 between Nuernberg and Munich, which most visitors coming from North, East and West Germany use to reach the Oktoberfest. Traffic jams are a daily occurrence the closer you get to the city.

The highway A8, between Stuttgart-Munich, is also very busy and has numerous construction sites, which make travel tedious. Chances of easy going from the opposite direction of the A8 (Munich-Salzburg) are also low.

Our tip: In order to avoid annoying traffic jams, consider using alternate routes (smaller motorways marked as "B" or access roads) when you are about 20 km from the city of Munich.

Park & Ride

There are abundant Park & Ride opportunities in the area surrounding Munich. Travelers should definitely consider using them, as the Munich inner city area is hopelessly congested during Oktoberfest. The P&R-area at the exit "Garching-Sued" is recommendable when arriving on the A9 from Nuernberg. There is a capacity for over 570 cars. The parking area is very well marked and easy to find. The U-Bahn line (subway line) U6 runs from the parking area to the stop “Poccistraße” every 24 minutes, which is about a 10-minute walk to the Oktoberfest.

Further Park & Ride areas with subway access:

Fröttmaning (U6, Parking garage with 1, 200 car spaces / 80 Bus spaces) Kieferngarten (U6, Parking garage)
Studentenstadt (U6)
Klinikum Großhadern (U6)
Neuperlach-Sued (U5)
Michaelibad (U5)
Innsbrucker Ring (U5, U2, Parking garage)
Fuerstenried West (U3, Parking garage)

Further parking spaces are available at almost all outlying U- and S-Bahn stations. For further information simply visit the

Ja Ja Jas with Cyndi Lauper at Zum Schneider Oktoberfest
Ja Ja Jas with Cyndi Lauper at Zum Schneider Oktoberfest ...
Zum Schneider Oktoberfest 9/30/07 #2
Zum Schneider Oktoberfest 9/30/07 #2
Oktoberfest Zum Schneider
Oktoberfest Zum Schneider
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