Oktoberfest Cost

February 25, 2017

Beers in Oktoberfest cost $7

  • Where is the Denver Oktoberfest? – It’s located on Larimer Street between 22nd and 20th. Put 2100 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado into your Google Maps for best results.
  • How Much Does It Cost? – The event is completely free to enter. Food and beverages can be purchased through tickets.
  • Where Do I Park? – Parking is the same as if you were going to a Rockies game. Do NOT park in the lots off of Larimer without paying. They will tow you immediately because they’re not German.
  • What are the Hours? – Friday 5pm-2am, Saturday 11am-2am and Sunday 11am – 5pm.
  • Can I Bring My Pet? – As long as it’s not a snake. We hate snakes.
  • Do You Take Credit Cards? - Yes we take credit cards. However, the whole event is based on ticket sales. You must first purchase tickets at the Ticket Booths for beer, wine, alcohol. Bring cash for tips for the non-profits.
  • What Do I Wear? – The men typically wear lederhosen and a chicken hat. The women typically wear a dirndl or a beer maid costume that you can find at any Halloween store. We have a merchandise tent on site if you feel under or over dressed.
  • What’s On Tap? – We get this question a lot. The traditional bier for Oktoberfest is a Marzen, which is why we choose to lead with Spaten. It’s simply the best there is. Patrons often ask why we don’t have ‘local craft brewers’ at the “Denver” Oktoberfest. Here’s a crazy fact about the Denver Oktoberfest – Denver gets a crowd of around 500, 000 making it the second largest in the United States, Cincinnati is the largest at 900, 000. However, Denver goes through TWICE as many kegs of bier than any other Oktoberfest in the good ol’ USA. We would LOVE to have a local brewery be involved but the volume of beer you consume in six-days at the Denver Oktoberfest is as much as most local brewers make in an entire year!
  • What Should I Do At Oktoberfest? - Great question. The first thing you should do is buy a stein. If you drink more than one beer, it’s a great deal. And you look awesome carrying it around. Then test your strength at the famous Stein Hoisting qualification rounds. Once you’ve built up an appetite, visit one of the authentic Bavarian food vendors and grab a seat under the big top to dine. We have two stages playing live music ’round the clock. Want more competition? Then head over to Keg Bowling for more free entertainment. Once you’re warmed up, head to the main stage and get your Polka on! The Denver Oktoberfest is one of the largest and longest running festivals in the United States. It has also been awarded “Best U.S. Oktoberfest” by almost every publication on the planet.
  • Can I Bring Denver Oktoberfest Steins From Previous Years? - Yes, we will honor all previous steins for the refill price. If it’s really, really old…find a staff member and they’ll probably buy you a bier.
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